Design Sprints

InventEd Grand Challenges

Thursday, November 17, 10:00am-4:00pm

Stay for the Pitch Party and concluding remarks from The Lemelson Foundation which will be both in-person and streamed online!

In addition to opportunities to reconnect with our community, reimagine the field, and reinvigorate our practice, we’ll also be showcasing our new 10-year vision to cultivate the inventive mindset that exists in everyone.

To actualize that vision, InventEd will focus its work in three areas:

  1. Community of Practice. We will create an inclusive, community-led movement so that everyone interested and involved in Invention Education feels welcome. We will seek to nurture a community where everyone feels their contributions are valued.

  2. Awareness Building. We will raise awareness of Invention Education at local and national levels to facilitate this community’s efforts to make Invention Education integral throughout K-12.

  3. Ecosystem Development. We will work to develop a diverse Invention Education ecosystem through partnerships throughout K-12 and beyond so that every student is prepared for an inventive life.

We’ll come together through collaborative design sprints to work on some of the big questions, outlined below, aligned with our three focus areas. As you read through the list of design sprint topics and questions, please think about which area interests you the most. You will be asked to self-select into a group, based on these questions, to explore new ideas and solutions to support Invention Education.

1. Awareness building in Invention Education

Facilitators: Susan Pierson-Brown and Kate Rose, 7 November

How might the InventEd community bring more voices, resources, energy into scaling Invention Education?

2. Inclusion

Facilitator: Tong Zhang, Oregon MESA

How might the InventEd community be more inclusive with our programs and practices to achieve our vision of cultivating the inventive mindset that exists in everyone?

3. Bridging K-12 to post-secondary and career pathways

Facilitator: Steph Santoso, MakerUSA

How might the InventEd community develop new or expand existing collaborations or initiatives for underserved K-12 students that consistently builds their invention skills and mindset into post-secondary and career pathways?

4. Supporting educators and administrators

Facilitator: Christine Lawlor-King, Innovation Education Consulting

How might the InventEd community best support sustained engagement in Invention Education among K-12 classroom educators and administrators?

5. Ecosystem Development

Facilitator: An-Me Chung, New America

What will it take for the InventEd community to ensure local communities have the tools, resources, and supports to build and sustain an Invention Education ecosystem that is long-lasting?