InvenEd is an annual event that brings together a nationwide community of practice committed to ensuring all youth have opportunities throughout their life to develop the inventive mindset, skills and knowledge they need to invent and thrive in a changing innovation economy.

Today, there is a growing number of organizations expanding access to Invention Education, and we believe it is an opportune time to stretch further and build a true movement in support of invention learning. We started with our first meeting in 2017 with a small group of 50 individuals representing 15+ organizations.

Fast forward to 2019, in just three years, as a community, we have built a national community of practice, the InventEd Network, where over 140 leaders representing 88+ government agencies, non-profits, K-12 education leaders and funders are working year-round to ensure we build a movement where all youth have access to Invention Education.

Questions: info@inventioneducation.org