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MARCH 26 - 28, 2024



Billy Almon

Collaborative Communities - The power of diverse niches

Wednesday, March 27, 9:00am @ the Westin Alexandria

In this keynote address, Billy showcases the power of collaborative communities, revealing that unity amplifies impact, diversity fuels innovation, and collaboration builds resilience. He highlights the importance of embracing our unique strengths and working together to create dynamic, resilient systems capable of transformative change. Through an inspirational call to action, Billy encourages us to seek out collaborative opportunities, leveraging our differences for a shared, brighter future.

Billy is an Astrobiofuturist, exploring biology-inspired solutions to improve the human condition for those of us on earth and those who will travel to the stars. He speaks to multiple generations of inventors, designers, scientists, STEM educators, and engineers on designing the future they wish to see. Billy integrates empathetic speculative design with psychology and storytelling in order to reveal the deep insights and hidden innovations nature has waiting for us to discover. He is also the co-host of Little Giants, a TV series on Animal Planet and Discovery Plus that features some of his global explorations of the nature-inspired design process called biomimicry.

Previously, Billy was a creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering, leading efforts to develop immersive experiences and environments around the world. He is an inventor and holds a Masters degree in Biomimicry from Arizona State University and Bachelors degree in Architecture from Howard University.