February 2, 2021 to February 4, 2021

Inventing AN Equitable future

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A Free, three-day convening of leaders who are focused on providing access and opportunities for all STUDENTS to develop the skills they need to invent their future through invention education

The Challenges

  • Lack of patent-holder diversity leading technology innovators are 90% male and nearly 95% Asian or White (Source: Nager et al., 2016)

  • Complex global problems our future requires new approaches in health, climate change, sustainable business, inequality, and more (Source: UN)

  • Unprecedented workplace changes Rapidly evolving technologies are changing the future workplace (Source: Deloitte)

  • Talent shortages we need more information technologists, engineers, technicians, and others for 21st Century jobs (Source: Manpower Group)

  • Fragile systems The COVID-19 pandemic is dramatically impacting our education system and creating more societal inequality

The Opportunity

All youth are inventive. Foundations, corporations, non-profits, educators, school districts, government agencies, and policy makers need to work together to create the conditions and opportunities, in-school and out-of-school, for all youth, regardless of their gender, skin color, income level, or physical ability to develop the skills and mindset needed to become the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow. Our challenge to you: Let’s work together to create an equitable future for the next generation of inventors.

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  • Be introduced to Invention Education
  • Advance your program goals
  • Explore new approaches and ideas
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  • Expand your network
  • Establish new partnerships
  • Collaborate and scale your work
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  • Share experiences and research
  • Create your messaging and outreach plan
  • Contribute to advancing the field
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Be a part of the solution


We invite all individuals who are not currently part of the InventEd network to join us for the InventEd Inspire track, a curated set of programming including viewing the keynotes, hear from network members, as well as specially designed sessions for those new to Invention Education and/or the InventEd Network to understand the need for Invention Education, why this network exists, and how to get involved.

There is no charge to attend this event.

>> View the Inspire Event Schedule

Network RegistRATION

Registration for the full convening is open to current network members and that information has been distributed by email.

2021 Keynote Speakers

Associate Professor of Diversity and STEM Education, Vanderbilt University

Vice President for Site Reliability Engineering, Google Inc.

Read more about our 2021 speakers here.

Previous Keynote Speakers

Dr. Kamau Bobb

Senior Director, Constellations Center for Equity in Computing, Georgia Tech University

Kamal Sinclair

Executive Director of the Guild of Future Architects and Senior Consultant to Sundance Institute's Future of Culture Initiative.

Andrei Iancu

Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Kumar Garg

Previously helped shape science and technology policy for the Obama Administration for nearly eight years, serving in a variety of roles in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)

Dr. James E. West

Research professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University, is known worldwide as the co-inventor of the foil electret microphone

Katherine Jin

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Kinnos

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